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johnny appleseed was famous for walking alot and wearing a pot on his head.

1.Name/Nickname: lilly
4.What do you prefere, penis or punani?either or
5.Tell us an outrageous thing you've done:last year i set all the cows at the county stock show free. not TOO outrageous.
6.Whats your take on life? it's all about how you react to it, yess'm.
7.What do you enjoy doing in your free time? ahh i like to read, paint and photograph old barns.
8.Where are you from? texas
9.Favorite bands: cat stevens, the germs, peaches, kimya dawson, electric eels.
10.Favorite '77 bands:martin and brown shirts, rowdies, the k9's, and blunt instruments.
11.A lady who you look up to: judi bari
12.Who invited/told you about cunt77riot? [If anyone did] i dont remember
13.Any Important Information im all about the love and the ganj.
14.Post a 100x100 picture of yourself for the cunts page:
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my bestfriend looks like a drunk scared rabbit in the pictureeee.
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