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imagine that..

1.Name/Nickname: Cecilia /leo/cissi /cec/ hey you there..
4.What do you prefere, penis or punani?punani
5.Tell us an outrageous thing you've done: I live.. I think that’s outrageous
6.Whats your take on life? Get by and have a great time while you’re at it!
7.What do you enjoy doing in your free time?painting mostly, making prints, knitting, hanging out with my sister, waisting time and doing absolutely nothing..
8.Where are you from? Stockholm
9.Favorite bands: oh god I hate when these things ask that.... wendy o williams, devotchkas, bitch and animal, jesus and mary chain, courtney love, distillers, spidercunts, moldy peaches, crucified barbara...etc
10.Favorite '77 bands: truth to be told I’m bad at this...plasmatics, bodysnatchers, dead boys, slits
11.A lady who you look up to: most.. Marchesa Casati, she's dead though
12.Who invited/told you about cunt77riot? [If anyone did] noone did, but don't tell anyone
13.Any Important Information I love coffee passionately, labiapatrol – the site
14.Post a 100x100 picture of yourself for the cunts page:
me looking vicious:


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