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1.Name/Nickname: Chanel
2.Sex: Female
3.Age: 17
4.What do you prefere, penis or punani? penis, but the other is fine too =)
5.Tell us an outrageous thing you've done: hmmm...
6.Whats your take on life? i
7.What do you enjoy doing in your free time? going to shows, drinking with the boys, chillin', sleeping of course.
8.Where are you from? Virginia Beach, Va
9.Favorite bands: Blitz, Angelic Upstarts, Oi Polloi, the Varukers, the 4 Skins, Overkill(theyre not punk...but oh well), Antidote, X-Ray Spex, etc.
10.Favorite '77 bands: Blanks 77, Infa Riot, Cockney Rejects, Crass, and Conflict, Anti-Pasti, etc.
11.A lady who you look up to: Dinah Cancer(45 Grave)...she fuckin rules.
12.Who invited/told you about cunt77riot? [If anyone did] no one.
13.Any Important Information umm...no.
14.Post a 100x100 picture of yourself for the cunts page:
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i lost my digi cam so...the first one is the most recent(1 month ago).
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