MRS_VEGAS (mrs_vegas) wrote in cunt77riot,


1.Name/Nickname: Miyoko\\Murk\\Mrs. Vegas
2.Sex: Female
3.Age: 18
4.What do you prefere, penis or punani? Penis
5.Tell us an outrageous thing you've done: I somehow passed a D.U.I. check last night on the way home. Not outrageous...but pretty damn amazing for what I had been doing all night.
6.Whats your take on life? Take what you got and live with it. It's only as good as you make it.
7.What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Playing music. Hanging out and talking with friends. Eating.
8.Where are you from? Hawaii\\San Diego
9.Favorite bands: X, The Pist, Youth Brigade, Leftover Crack, The Runaways
10.Favorite '77 bands: Richard Hell & The Voidoids, ^^^^
11.A lady who you look up to: I don't have an exact certain woman. Just anyone who can prove that woman aren't worthless house wifes. And live their dreams
12.Who invited/told you about cunt77riot? [If anyone did] I used to be the head-mod
13.Any Important Information Yeah...I'm rejoining with my new journal so I can find all you bitches I used to have on my old ones...
14.Post a 100x100 picture of yourself for the cunts page: Don't got one.
15.Photos Go to my info and look at my myspace
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